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$500 for 1 hunter
$500 per extra hunter
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3 days
Deposit & refund policy

$500 per hunter to hold a booked date. Deposit will be credited toward a harvest or may be refundable or transferable by Kinsel Cattle Company if you don’t get a reasonable harvest opportunity. All hunters will pay the anticipated hunting package balance prior to the first outing. A hunter will be refunded his balance fee if he or she does not harvest or wound an animal per Kinsel Cattle Company.

BedFood & drink includedGuidedGun rental availableStationary huntBowRifleShotgun
Coyote(Canis latrans)

The coyote features prominently as a trickster in the folktales of America’s indigenous peoples, alternately assuming the form of an actual coyote or a man. As with other such figures, the coyote acts as a picaresque hero which rebels against social convention through deception and humor. It is variously credited for having brought fire to humanity, releasing the bison into the world, and of having slain monsters by petrifying them.

Whitetail deer
Whitetail deer(Odocoileus virginianus)

The whitetail deer is highly variable in size, generally following Bergmann’s rule that the average size is larger further away from the Equator. Though almost entirely herbivorous, they have occasionally been known to opportunistically feed on nesting songbirds and field mice.

What to bring
  • Gun and ammo, or archery equipment
  • Any necessary hunting licenses
  • Comfortable layered clothing, light and heavy coat, and gloves
  • Snake boots or wrap-arounds
  • Face mask
  • Binoculars or an 8-10x power lens attachment for your phone camera
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Doe Meat Hunt

Kinsel Cattle Company

Kinsel Cattle Company, located 10 miles outside Cotulla, Texas and 90 miles south of San Antonio, consists of 5000+ acres of rolling hills with mesquite trees, blackbrush, and cactus. The Kinsel family enjoys a long history of cattle ranching and game management. You will be treated to an unforgettable hunting experience that will create memories that last a lifetime.

This doe meat hunt includes up to 5 does of any species: whitetail, axis, or blackbuck.

Hunts may be arranged around your schedule, however a typical hunt begins the first day at 2 p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. on the the third day, which encompasses four hunting outings; two morning and two evening hunts.

Our philosophy is that to truly experience the old South Texas Hunting Camp Trophy Experience you should not have any incidental expenses, so our rates are all-inclusive. Included in your hunting package is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath ranch house that sleeps 6 comfortably with a full kitchen, fire ring, and BBQ pit for meals you prepare. If you wish, meals can easily be catered in. We strive for hunters to get the maximum trophy experience by offering modest accommodations at no cost.

Hunting is serious business. It is also possibly your vacation getaway time to enjoy the outdoors. Realizing both of these factors, we will work hard to provide you with a relaxing and rewarding hunting experience. Gratuities are not necessary. But if you wish to tip as a group you may do so, or if you wish to tip a certain individual please note this on your tip given to your hunt manager.

Field dressing and quartering your game (hams, shoulders, and backstraps) will be done by the guides. We have a large walk-in cooler to keep your game in during your stay. Hunters must provide ice chests for transporting meat. If you wish to donate the meat, we have several charities locally.

Guiding is $50 per outing per hunter on whitetail and exotic hunts. On occasion a guide must accommodate two hunters per guide. The hunter without a guide on any outing may harvest does, hogs, and predators. Lodging is included on whitetail, exotic and hog Hunts. Non-hunter guests are $100 per day including lodging.

Wounded game: If at the discretion of the guide a hunter wounds a deer, it may be considered a kill whereas the harvest fee of the estimated B&C score per the guide will apply. Retrieval efforts on foot or horseback will be attempted. Fortunately, a couple of the best deer trailing dog handlers are within one hour of the ranch and the hunter may request their services at the hunter’s expense. Kinsel Cattle Company reserves the right for the guide to disallow the harvest of any particular animal(s) and to cancel any hunt at any time.