Wild Business

Why business is going to save the wilderness

We’re inspired by groups like the American Prairie Reserve. They’re working to restore a three-million-acre stretch of Montana to the condition it was in when Lewis and Clark saw it — and to keep it that way forever. They both buy land and give owners incentives to use things like low-impact fencing (or no fencing at all). Check out their site or this video on the project for more on the phenomenal work they’re doing.

For wilderness to be truly sustainable, it has to be more valuable to keep it wild than to develop it. And by paying to hunt in the wild, you’re making that happen. You’re creating an incentive for landowners to keep their land wild and to make sure it’s a place wildlife can thrive. It’s a win-win all around.

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Landowners make money with approved, responsible hunters, and we do all the paperwork. Zero fee on the first $1000 of hunts booked on your land.

Outfitters get a new stream of dedicated hunters, for free. We don’t charge outfitters, ever.

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